How Do You Plan A Large Corporate Event? Tips From Our Certified Event Specialists


Have you been tasked with planning a corporate event? It can be a bit overwhelming just thinking about it, but our certified event specialists have just the right formula to help you prepare.

Here’s how to take one step at a time so that your next corporate event is faultless.

1. Determine Your Details

What is the purpose of your corporate event planning? Set the theme, the time, the date, and the number of people who will attend before deciding on anything else. Once you know these details, you will have the critical information to plan your corporate event’s timeline.

2. Set a Budget

Depending on the type of event, your budget will vary. Send an email to your upper management, and provide the details. That way, they can offer a suitable budget depending on your theme, a venue option, and the number of guests in attendance.

3. Choose a Theme

Some themes are business-friendly, while other corporate events are flashy and fancy. Before choosing an appropriate venue for your corporate events, you need to establish a theme that will match the type of event you want. Will it be informal with snacks, or do you want a caterer? Will you require servers, a bartender, or a photographer? You need to think about the details.

4. Locate An Appropriate Venue

Venues often have different corporate event options, from meeting rooms to ballrooms. The Pelazzio offers a full-service opportunity for corporate events, which makes your planning much easier to accomplish. We also provide the sound system and lighting, so you won’t have to worry about hiring a vendor for logistics. It’s the perfect solution whether you’re having a party, a training seminar, a recruiting event, or a client luncheon.

5. Hire A Caterer And Entertainer

Corporations require catering and entertaining, depending on the event. If it’s your job to hire the caterer, you might need to schedule a taste testing. What about entertaining your guests? Do you need an emcee or to hire a band for formal affairs? Choose them wisely. Also, keep in mind that some venues, like Pelazzio, provide these all-inclusive services.

6. Determine Event Logistic Needs

Many people who attend corporate events see the glitz and glamour, but they rarely get a glimpse behind the scenes where the logistics take place. Poor logistics planning is going to cause a calamity, so it’s a critical component you need to get right to coordinate between the corporate event staff and the vendors. Adhering to schedules and having an effective way to communicate between them is a task best left to event specialists.

7. Send Invitations

Now that you know where, when, and why you will have your corporate event, it’s time to send out the invitations. Do you have all of the information you need for attendees? What is the dress code? What are the theme and agenda? Where should attendees park? It will be beneficial if you use an online service to communicate these vital event details.

Now that you have everything in place, you need only focus on the corporate event. If you need help planning, let our event specialists help you. Contact Us Online or call 281-531-0008.

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