Major Things You Miss When Planning a Wedding

Things You Miss When Planning a Wedding in Houston Texas - Pelazzio

A wedding checklist may sound like a fail-proof idea but some brides will come to find many overlooked details too late!

Don’t get caught up in last-minute hassles and adjustments. We’re here to make sure you’ve got all things considered.

While there is no specific guideline for a flawless wedding, your wedding coordinator can take care of the specific details. Forget to buy something? Your coordinator is on it!

Check out our list of typically overlooked wedding details so you don’t forget the little things:

Overlooked Wedding Detail #1: Directions and Signage

Before your ceremony begins, you don’t want your phone blowing up with last-minute guests, asking for directions. No one wants to miss your special day because they were late. Between finding your location and parking, some guests may get confused and wander into the wrong wedding hall – yikes!

Include this detail in your plans by:

Create a map or QR code to send with your invitations. Bring your own fun and trendy signs to place outside the venue, guiding your guests to parking and your specific wedding hall.

Overlooked Wedding Detail #2: Escort Cards

Imagine the superb place settings at each table but then – oops! Place cards! Oh, but even if you add them, won’t everyone switch chairs anyway? You may be wondering how to rectify this.

Include this detail in your plans by:

Creating individual escort cards for your guests to find and pick up as they enter the hall. There are many different styles and designs you can incorporate with this, like names on leaves hanging from a tree or posh, name cards with their table numbers on them. Have fun with it and they will too!

Overlooked Wedding Detail #3: Selfie with the Couple

In all the hubbubs of the day, it may be difficult to stop, smile, and take all the moments in. This is why photos on your big day are so important! You want to look back and re-live these precious moments for a lifetime. While your photographer captures all moments ceremonious and candid, you still gotta have room for selfies!

Include this detail in your plans by:

Having a photo booth at your reception. Grab your favorite people, cute props, and go nuts with your very own selfie booth. Your guests can print the photos right away or email the digital copies to themselves. Everyone will have a chance to take a selfie with the newlyweds!

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Overlooked Wedding Detail #4: Improper Lighting

It may not seem like an important detail compared to some others, but lighting is key! When you step out onto the floor for your first dance with the bride or groom, you don’t want everything to be bright and well-lit. You want dim, romantic, and serene settings for this moment. At dinner, guests want to see their plates so you’ll want to bring things back up for that! And varying moments throughout the night may call for dim, dark, or disco lighting.

Include this detail in your plans by:

Planning the lighting schemes ahead of time. In addition to consulting with your venue’s staff about their presets, don’t hesitate to bring your own sources of light too! Small table lamps are a delicate touch to any centerpiece. Illuminate your sweetheart table with fairy string lights for a starry night look.

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Overlooked Wedding Detail #5: Bar Décor

If you choose to have an open bar at your reception, it’s likely many of your guests are going to stop by once or twice. Don’t let the drinks be the only thing attracting them in that direction!

Include this detail in your plans by:

Dressing up the bar! A beautiful backdrop can go a long way, and a pretty banner can be hung along the front. Accent it with some flowers and a framed photo of the happy couple. All the space is your own for the evening, so show off your style.

Do not let the wedding checklist overwhelm you!

Once your wedding day arrives, it’s time to toss out the formalities and have fun. We don’t want you to get caught up and miss out on the enjoyment of your day.

When you’re ready to plan your dream wedding, Pelazzio is here for you.

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