Pelazzio’s Bi-Lingual Staff Delivers On Customer Confidence

Pelazzio's Bi-Lingual Staff - Pelazzio

Communication is a significant part of customer service, whether you speak over the phone, on social media, by email, via video conferencing, or when face-to-face with clients. Having a bi-lingual staff adds a business standard that we feel is incredibly important. Not only does it serve a broader customer base, but our clientele has confidence in our ability to serve their guests. If you’re looking for a leading venue with bi-lingual staff, Pelazzio Reception Venue will deliver.

1. Bi-Lingual Language Skills Help Our Business Succeed 

If you’ve ever traveled outside of the U.S. to a country where you did not speak the local language, you know how difficult it is to communicate your wants and needs. By sheer will or mere coincidence, you find that one store among many that speak your language. It’s the greatest feeling, and it brings these customers back time and again because they know there is someone there who will help them get things accomplished. In today’s digital business world, it is one of the reasons our customers recommend us to others. 

2. Bi-Lingual Staff Are Instrumental In Event Planning 

Twenty percent of Americans speak a second language, yet in Houston, that number is much higher because of social and cultural variables that differ from the rest of the country. Having bi-lingual certified event specialists to help our diverse group of clients is incredibly important. We provide consumers a direct connection to Spanish-speaking specialists who are experienced in planning any type of individual or corporate event. 

3. Bi-Lingual Staff Is Cost-Effective

Some businesses do not invest in bi-lingual staff, but we find it to be a smart business decision as do our customers. Knowing who to call for services, in the language you prefer, instills confidence and builds trustworthiness, which is a cost-effective decision. Not only do our clients not have to pay for translators, but we are here seven days a week to help our patrons with any of their venue, catering, and event planning requests.

4. Bi-Lingual Staff Are Very Attentive To Customer Needs

People who speak two languages have an inherent ability to focus better and be more attentive because of bi-lingual cognitive brain functioning. These skills also make them better at listening to clients and expressing themselves with other staff members. Because our bi-lingual staff work with a broader range of clientele, our productivity is higher. 

5. Serving A Multi-Cultural Population Allows Us To Be More Competitive 

As a reception venue, we serve a multi-cultural population of people from all over the Houston area. Our bi-lingual staff has the responsibility of working directly with our Spanish-speaking clients and industry professionals. They also read, write, and speak bi-lingually, so they can communicate with our clients online, in writing, or over the phone. Having language skills, along with industry knowledge, allows us to be competitive. Most notably, we build loyalty and trust with our clients, which keeps them coming back.

Are you planning a wedding, corporate event, or anniversary party? Do you want to work with bi-lingual staff, or have them available for your next event? Contact Us for more details.


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