Plan a Holiday Celebration at Pelazzio

Plan Holiday Celebration - Pelazzio

The holidays will be here before you know it. There are just a few weeks of planning left before they’ll arrive. If you want to host a holiday celebration in a beautiful venue, you’re going to need to act fast. Open spots are filling quickly, making the days available for your event limited. If you haven’t called us yet, you’re going to want to now.

Choose a Date and Call to Check If the Venue is Available

Planning a holiday celebration is no minor task. It takes time and effort. Among the easiest things you can do today is ensure that you have a place to hold the event. If your preferred date isn’t available, you’ll need to choose another time to have the party or check to see if another venue in the area has room for you and your guests.

Holiday events are often planned months in advance. Things change, so there could be a cancellation between gatherings. Staying in touch with us allows you to be the first to know if a day opens up where you can have your Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas party, or New Year’s Eve Bash.

Planning Your Party Once You’ve Confirmed a Spot at Pelazzio

Once you’ve determined that you can book a holiday event at Pelazzio, you’ll want to start making plans while you still have time to request catering, hire a DJ, and appoint a decorating crew. Having a few relatives, friends, or work colleagues willing to assist you with the process makes things easier. You’re able to divvy up tasks and know that everything will be done according to schedule because you won’t be the only person working to make it happen.

We assist you as much as possible, too, to make sure that everything goes as planned as your guests arrive at the venue. In addition to providing you with award-winning event specialists, we also have a spacious parking lot where guests can leave their vehicles. There’s no need to carpool unless people want to because there are enough spots for everyone who drives to the park.

There’s nothing more exciting than a holiday party hosted by you for your loved ones or employees. Our venue is available for personal and corporate events. You’ll have plenty of space to move around, serve food, open gifts, play games, and dance to holiday tunes at Pelazzio. We create experiences that are memorable and meaningful for everyone in attendance.

Book Pelazzio Today for Your Holiday Party or Event

The time is right now to start thinking about your holiday celebration. It doesn’t matter if it’s a party you plan on having with family and friends or a corporate function for the people you work with. As soon as you’ve got the details worked out, you should contact us to inquire about availability. Our venue books fast during the holidays, and we don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s at Pelazzio.


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