Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

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You have plenty of options for choosing your dress, décor, and cake. When it comes to venues, it isn’t so easy to find the perfect place to celebrate with family and friends as locations tend to get booked very early in the planning process. Here are a few must-do tips for choosing the perfect wedding reception venue, so you find the perfect place that fits your vision, values, and goals.

1. Consult With A Wedding Planner Or Certified Event Specialist

Wedding planners have the industry-wide experience that will be beneficial to any couple, so if you’re having problems finding a venue, schedule a consultation. Not only will these experts know the size, location, and cost, but they will know who to call to set up a tour so that you can visit the facility to learn more about their amenities. Pelazzio Reception Venue also offers Certified Event Specialists to save you time and money.

2. Determine Your Guest List

Having a ballpark figure of just how many people you intend to invite will allow you to choose a venue based on a guest allowance. You won’t want to choose a small place and then find out your guest list has grown beyond its capacity. It’s normal to underestimate the guest list, so you will want a venue that can scale its services as your guest list grows.

3. Determine Your Budget

Defining a budget for your wedding is an early-on necessity. Take the time to set your budget, and then decide how much you want to spend on the venue and each guest. The average spent on a wedding is $33,391, and couples tend to pay about $71 per guest. Keep in mind that some services are optional, and you have access to different vendors. If you know what you want to pay for each guest, the venues will help identify services.

4. Guest Experiences

Some sites provide only space while others, like Pelazzio Reception Venue, offer all-inclusive packages. You need to carefully weigh this decision. Paying for a full-service venue can be a budget-friendly way to get everything completed at once, so you have time to shop for a dress. Ultimately, you need to price each guest to find the best deals. It’s all about your guest experiences, so keep that in mind when in the planning stage.

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5. Choose A Venue That Fits Your Vision

How do you envision your wedding reception? Is it in a ballroom? Is it in a rustic, outdoor location? Do you see yourself saying I Do in the ultimate destination wedding? It’s your wedding, so the venue has to also fit your vision. Think first about the type of theme you would like and then look for sites that perfectly reflect your personal style.

Do you need help from our Certified Event Specialists? From your venue to your ceremony and reception, we offer couples all-inclusive services that will provide you with a lifetime of memories. Call our office at 281-531-0008, request pricing online, or send an email to hello@pelazzio.com.


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