Weep, Then You Sew: The Unplanned Disasters at Helen’s Wedding


Unplanned Disasters at Helen’s Wedding -Pelazzio

That’s always how it goes, isn’t it? You spend months (sometimes years) thinking out and planning every detail but when the time comes, *something* goes wrong. It’s one of the worst feelings when the realization hits, and you only have so much time and resources to solve the problem.

Even worse is when it happens on your wedding day.

Just one weekend ago on May 17th, a beautiful bride named Helen was faced with multiple last-minute changes and issues.

Helen’s makeup artist sent her a text at 4 AM on what was supposed to be the best day of her life. The contents of her text gave the day an awful start:

“Sorry, I can’t make it today because I was in a car accident on my way home last night.”

Yikes! Thankfully no one was seriously injured but this did put the bride in a difficult spot. This is the day she stands in front of friends and family as she vows forever to her groom Daniel, and yet here she was at 4 AM stuck without a makeup artist.

After taking a few moments to panic, Helen remembered her bridesmaids had a stylist coming to do their hair and makeup; she could use her too! Right?

Not without a price, Helen came to realize. While her original stylist was only charging $75, the new stylist charged a full $200 because it was a last-minute addition. The bride wasn’t thrilled about this but considering how little time she had to find a solution, she paid the fee.

We hate to see this happen. No bride should be dealing with issues such as these at the 11th hour – and especially not on her big day!

This is one important reason why we at Pelazzio are an all-inclusive event venue. Within our custom packages are all the vendors you’d need. Thanks to our skilled staff and event planners, there’s little room for error as we manage every little detail. We also monitor the quality of your vendor’s work so they don’t let you down or desert you.

Sadly, we wish Helen’s story ended there but it did not.

As the start of the ceremony crept closer, Helen stepped behind a curtain to put on her dress and the zipper broke.

Because of course, it did! Now Helen is freaking out, her bridesmaids don’t know how to fix it, and the bridal room is filled with anxiety, confusion, and chaos.

This is when our Event Manager Luis steps in.

Luis has been with Pelazzio for nearly 5 years now and he’s put out all kinds of fires in the past. During his tenure, he has seen an array of unplanned happenings: collapsing cakes, no-show coordinators, broken cake toppers – he also stepped in as chauffeur when the limo driver went missing! With over 1,000 events under his belt, there’s nothing he can’t solve on a whim.

Before things could possibly get worse for Helen, Luis sprang into action. He remembered one of his staff members from the set-up department is also a seamstress! Immediately he went to find her, inform her, and she reported straight to the bridal quarters to help.

All it took was a needle and some thread to save the day!

The bride was eternally grateful to our staff for acting on their feet at such a drastic time. The ceremony went on as planned, and not one guest knew of the craziness behind the scenes.

The rest of the day was beautiful. The food was decadent, the cake was a masterpiece, and there was not a dry eye in the venue as Helen and Daniel took to the floor for their first dance.

We at Pelazzio love it when things come together, and we were thrilled to see Helen happy at the end of the day. We strive to give our clients the best experience, no matter what may come up.


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