Why Attending an Open House Helps With Planning Your Wedding


As your wedding day approaches, a myriad of concerns may pop up in the process. “Did I forget anything? Did I confirm with the caterers? Did the DJ receive my playlist?” among many more questions. We understand – event planning can be tough and overwhelming! But you shouldn’t have to stretch yourself thin with worry in the months and weeks leading up. Your wedding day is a special day, meant to be enjoyed by your friends, family, and most of all YOU!

When it comes to your big day, you’ll want everything to be perfect – just the way you planned.

That’s why a Wedding Open House Event is the best opportunity to ask your questions, get to know your vendors, and speak with event planners about your vision. Don’t just hire someone who got good reviews on Facebook. Meet the people who will be personally providing your services, so they can cater to what you most desire on your wedding day.

Connect with Planners in Person

We all like to think we can handle the planning of an event on our own, until we can’t. Never fear, your wedding planners are here!

While we are sure your sister or cousin can whip everyone into shape when the time comes, it may be in your best interest to have a professional event coordinator on hand. You’ll want someone who can keep things running smoothly, on schedule, and who will tackle any last-minute hassles so you don’t have to. 

At our Open House, you’ll be able to meet our best wedding planners and coordinators in person and get to know them before the event. Share with them exactly what you want your ballroom, décor and itinerary to look like and they’ll ensure it all goes according to plan. Chances are you have multiple matters on your shoulders. Let the planners lift some of those responsibilities off of you so you can enjoy your wedding with no worries.

Clarity for Your Questions

When you visit an Open House, you’ll see first-hand all the elements that go into procuring a wedding. In addition to the space you rent, you also want to consider the décor, the services you’ll need, and how you can adjust your package to fit your needs.

Perhaps you have some unanswered questions in the back of your mind. Ask away – that’s why we’re here!

Phone inquiries can be too impersonal, as you’re never sure who you are speaking to and whether or not they are actually listening. When you’re planning something special like a wedding, you’ll want all hands on deck so nothing gets forgotten or neglected.

We encourage you to meet our coordinators at the Open House and talk in person about your ideas.

Meet the Vendors for All-Inclusive Services

Following up with vendors can be taxing, especially if they are all from different companies. Not only do you want to have everything lined up beforehand, you’ll also want to confirm all the details with them too. 

Attending an Open House will give you direct exposure to some of our best service providers!

Meet the décor specialists, DJs, photographers, limousine service providers, caterers and many more members of our awesome staff as your tour our ballrooms.

Speak with each vendor about their services and portfolios before you select the best people for you – all under one roof!

Meet your photographers and see their portfolios. Speak with the DJs and share your favorite playlists. Try sample-sized bites of our gourmet cuisine and choose your delectable dinner menu. Know exactly what you’re getting with our in-house vendors.

Other venues only provide the bare minimum and encourage you to bring in your own outside vendors, whereas our Open House presents you with all the options you need to plan a successful and dazzling wedding. Why sift through multiple Instagram pages and phone numbers when everything you need is all included in one place? Discover your options up-close and personally when you attend an Open House.

Explore the Elegance of Our Ballrooms

Selecting the venue is one of the first and most important decisions when planning. When your family and friends walk into your wedding hall, you’ll want to wow them!

At our Wedding Open House, take a walk through the available hall spaces we have and really get a feel for the atmosphere we provide. Take a closer look at the details we put into making our event spaces magical and unique for every client. See the space for yourself and envision a full dance floor and good times with your guests. Learn more about the adjustable lighting arrangements and extra features you can add to the ballroom so it’s just the way you like it.

The memories captured at your wedding will last for lifetimes, and we want everything to be immaculate.

Plan Your Perfect Wedding at Pelazzio’s Open House!

Don’t fall for the guessing game when it comes to your wedding preparations. Pelazzio’s Wedding Open House in Houston lets you experience the taste of our appetizers, the vibe of the venue, and more when you visit.

Ease the stress of planning when you meet our amazing staff at Pelazzio’s Open House!

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