5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Fall Wedding

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Fall is a beautiful time to get married. If you’re newly engaged and set a date for later next year, you’re in luck. You can become inspired by this year’s autumn and be better prepared for your big day once it arrives. Planning a fall wedding can be a lot of fun, so the more people you make a part of the process, the better. Your family and BFFs contribute so many great ideas for you to consider.

Give Yourself Set Timeframes for Completing Certain Tasks

Once you’ve booked the venue, you can start making plans right away. The very first thing to do is give yourself a timeline for everything you need to do before your wedding day. You’ll find that having set dates as deadlines keep you on track so you can accomplish everything you need to in a year.

After that, everything should be smooth sailing. Putting these five tips to good use makes planning the perfect fall wedding easy.

1. Fall-themed table settings.

Embrace Fall with deep, dark-colored table clothes and fun fall-themed table decor/settings. Earthy color palettes, wooden accents, and unexpected accents, like fresh fruit and vegetables, all help transform floral table arrangements into fall-inspired pieces of décor that are sure to fit your vision. 

2. Use seasonal ingredients.

From appetizers to cocktails to the wedding cake you choose, opt to use items that are fresh, local, and in-season. For example, spiced apple cider makes a charming beverage that everyone can enjoy. Roasted root vegetables, pumpkin-flavored cupcakes, and small apple pies are menu items that deliver that cozy, autumn feel.

3. Go for a naked cake.

Skip all the frosting and decorations in favor of a simple but delicious wedding cake. It’s elegant without being over-the-top. It’s an affordable option, too, if you have a lot of guests to feed.

4. Create a scenic backdrop for taking photos.

The photo booth option remains popular to date. You can take it to another level, however, by creating a beautiful fall backdrop for photos. Hiring a local artist to paint a scene is one creative and memorable way to have pictures of your loved ones on your wedding day.

5. Instead of lighting candles, light sage or Palo Santo.

The sweet smell of each engages the senses and provides warmth. They’re perfect for bringing an earthy, natural element into the venue. You can also create bundles to give away as favors.

There are many ways to incorporate the season into your wedding theme. The list above serves as a starting point in the planning process. You, of course, can add your own flair to the occasion in whatever way you choose. The day is all about you!

A Fall Wedding Provides Memories for All

Having an indoor wedding in the fall is a beautiful experience. You can incorporate many of the elements you find outdoors into your wedding theme. From the vibrant warm colors prevalent throughout nature such as reds, yellows, oranges, dark greens, and golds to the scent of pine or pumpkin, you’ve got many options to work with. Adding décor from outside to give your ceremony and reception a more rustic feel is natural when there are leaves, acorns, pinecones, and gourds available to use as centerpieces.

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